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“Evernote pick” – Evernote
“iOS App of the Year nominee” – Macworld UK
“…highly impressed by its range of features, ease-of-use and sheer “wow” factor” – iPadStorm
“it’s an all-in-one app geared toward the business-savvy types among us” – AppAdvice
“…making it an essential application to modern day life” – TechHunter
“Beesy is a killer-App for planning ” – MacWorld.fr

– quickly take your business notes with your iPad
– Save time with easy professional meeting minutes
– Automatically Follow-up on meeting notes tasks in Beesy’s To-Do manager.

This app is designed for people who handle tasks, who don’t want to spend time to generate To-Do lists but need to follow-up on them to achieve their goals or for customers:
– managers
– project managers
– sales people
– any other position where using information from meeting notes is a time saver.

How does it work ?
Beesy is a structured note taking app with an automated To-Do organizer, in sync with your calendars and address book.
Beesy understands your notes, automatically generates To-Do lists and keep track of tasks in every meeting you attend.

Beesy aims at making meeting notes easier and reuse 100% of your iPad notes afterwards, be it for:
– meeting minutes
– To-Do
– people To-do reviews
– project reviews

And it also aims at easily maintaining the information up-to-date: if during a people review, tasks are updated, it will show as well in every other view accessing these tasks.

Aside from that, Beesy adds a number of features to help you be more efficient taking notes with iPad and with your To-Do:
– Retina version
– add audio records to your notes
– import photo and take picture in your notes
– EverNote export / update for notes, including audio, pictures, drawings, maps and web pages.
– Evernote sharing for your notes
– Add bullet points to your note
– Actions summary
– Enhanced Map itinerary + iOS 6 GPS driving directions
– added Notification & Support system
– change language per Note
– autocomplete iPad note feature that learns from your lexical content, contacts or projects
– on-demand To-Do per meeting, per type of task, per contact, per project
– on-demand Task sub-filtering in any of the previous view with another angle. For example, for a given project, sort your tasks per contact.
– two-finger drag&drop to assign tasks to different context: drag a task on a project, it will reassign itself to this project … Works on people, meeting, topic, project.
– CSV export for external analysis
– Integrated To-Do reports: urgent/important matrix, graph reports
– Taking note on iPad is now contextual: everything you type in your note is automatically tied to the current context: contact / due date / project / meeting so that you can focus on the meeting itself. No need to set-up 20 different menus.
– template based task: every note can be a task and derive from a template: action, send a document, call someone, idea … For every type of task, pre-defined values for task configuration ensure that you don’t have to worry about setting everything up during the meeting.
– you can draw, access a web page or log a location.
– Access your iPad calendar in the app and create a note from calendar, iCal, Outlook and exchange supported. It will automatically try to find meeting participants and link your notes to your calendar.
– import contacts from your iPad address book
– draw / write / annotate on web pages screenshots and maps
– rewritten draw engine with nicer curves and pen velocity
– integrated in-App help at launch and in-App tutorials
– pincode protection
– hardware keyboard compatible

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