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View amazing pictures of animals and pets with your child and hear the names and sounds of the animals!

Carefully selected photos will not only help your child to learn the animals, but will also show them the beauty of nature!

After viewing the pictures, your child will have the chance to play a small game – a fun quiz about the animals he has just seen. Regardless of their success or number of earned stars, your young Einstein will be rewarded with a storm of applause, with balloons flying into the sky!

The animals for kids in the free game are classified into three groups:

1 . Domestic Animals – Farm animals and pets:

Dog, cat, horse, cow, goat, pig, sheep, rabbit, donkey, chicken, rooster, camel, guinea pig, hamster, turkey, llama, goose, duck.

2 . Forest Animals – Animals living in the woods:

Wolf, bear, fox, moose, deer, mouse, boar, polecat, squirrel, hedgehog, otter, hare, raccoon, badger, lynx.

3. Animals of the World – Animals from Asia, Africa, the Arctic and Antarctic:

Tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, lion, monkey, walrus, sea lion, bat, koala, kangaroo, zebra, giraffe, polar bear, panda, crocodile.

The full version of application in addition includes the following groups of animals:
4. Birds.
5. Insects.
6. The World of Water – Animals who live in rivers and seas.

It isn’t necessary for your child to be able to read to play this game and learn the animals. An extremely simple interface with voice hints allows toddlers to play and learn on their own.

Why not visit a zoo or pet-shop with your child after they play this game? They’ll be happy to show you their new knowledge of domestic pets and wild animals!

This App supports English, Russian and “Animal” languages – Perfect for teaching your children either English or Russian.

Education, Kids
Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad