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“All Card Games” is a Card Games engine packaged with the following popular games along with the capability to create and play new games:

1) Gin Rummy
2) Oh Hell
3) Spades
4) Pitch(Setback, Smear)
5) Tonk
6) 500 Rummy
7) 3-13 Rummy
8) Indian Rummy(Paplu)
9) Donkey(Bhabhi, Get Away)
10) Twenty-Nine
11) Coat Pees(Rang, Seven Hands)
12) Mendikot
13) Dehla Pakad
14) Contract Bridge

It is a multi-player game app played over a Wi-Fi connection. That means you always play the card games with real people and NOT Virtual opponents.


FIRST of all, you have to know the rules of the game you are going to play. Refer to the rules by using the “Game Rules” button or ask your friends with whom you intend to play, or by some means get to know the game rules reasonably well.

SECONDly, please note that our app (“All Card Games”) is not a full rule implementing app that automates all the aspects of playing the game like some special purpose card game apps do. You still have to do things yourselves manually just like you do when playing with a physical deck of cards. Things like scoring, keeping scores, bidding, specifying trumps (in some games like contract bridge), deciding who will start a new game (in some games like contract bridge) have to be done manually.

THIRDly, our app (“All Card Games”) is a Card game engine. So it is possible to define and play new games. Right now, the bouquet of games packaged in this version is only a starting list, and it is possible to add more games later and you yourself can create new games. Just like with a physical deck of cards, you can play any number of games with our app.

FOURTHly, what our app (“All Card Games”) offers is the convenience for a group of people with android phones to play a card game anywhere. In the airport waiting lounge, railway platform, on moving trains… and even boring classrooms! Of course later you can play over the web with anyone anywhere.

LASTLY, you can modify the game rules yourselves or create entirely new games and play.


Our App (“All Card Games”) has to be installed on all your friends’ android phones first.
All your smart phones have to be connected to the same wireless (Wi-Fi) network.
If there is no Wi-Fi network around then one of your phones has to have the Wi-Fi hotspot turned ON. The other phones have to connect to this Wi-Fi hotspot.

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